Airbnb Management in the Blue Mountains Region

MadeComfy end-to-end Airbnb management service in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is one of Sydney's top destinations for short-term rentals, and is experiencing strong guest demand through 2021 as international travel options remain limited.

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At MadeComfy, we provide an end-to-end Airbnb and short-term property management service that enables investors to earn from 40% higher returns compared to long-term rental.

Our services include hotel-level housekeeping, professional photography and marketing of your property on the short-term rental market, 24/7 guest communication and dynamic pricing to maximise your earnings and occupancy rates.

Airbnb Management in the Blue Mountains

Airbnb Management in the Blue Mountains

MadeComfy are an award-winning short-term property management company, with strong and established local knowledge of the Blue Mountains short-term rental and Airbnb market.

Property owners and investors in the Blue Mountains trust MadeComfy to maximise their rental returns and manage their property safely and responsibly with our guest verification system.

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Benefits of MadeComfy property management service

Furnishing and styling
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The right furnishing and styling play critical roles in attracting and retaining guests. To get as many bookings as possible, it is important to put style and furnishing at the top of your list when considering short-term rental for your investment property.

MadeComfy's property management services include dedicated property stylists who ensure all properties under our care stand out. Our interior designers have a proven track record in the field, adding more value to your property by infusing a feel of home in every stay. We also offer furnishing packages that are tailored to a property's size and budget.

Pricing & marketing
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Guest management
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Housekeeping & maintenance
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