Investment Property Management

Benefits of investment property management for owners

Airbnb investment property management - MadeComfy

High yields

The key to maximising rental income is balancing occupancy with the nightly rate of a property. And this is what our team of pricing and revenue experts do best.

As a performance-focused property management company, we apply a dynamic pricing algorithm that factors in seasonal fluctuations in demand and supply along with other market variables to determine the best competitive nightly rates.

Occupancy in investment property

Maximise occupancy

We don’t aim for a 100% occupancy rate at low nightly rates; instead, we maximise the overall rental return with balanced pricing and occupancy rate. At MadeComfy, we don’t leave any money on the table.

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Full Transparency

We utilise the latest technology and proprietary reporting tools to give our property owners full-transparency of their rental property. The MadeComfy dashboard provides performance insights and rental details at your finger tips.

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Benefits of MadeComfy property management service

Furnishing and styling
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The right furnishing and styling play critical roles in attracting and retaining guests. To get as many bookings as possible, it is important to put style and furnishing at the top of your list when considering short-term rental for your investment property.

MadeComfy's property management services include dedicated property stylists who ensure all properties under our care stand out. Our interior designers have a proven track record in the field, adding more value to your property by infusing a feel of home in every stay. We also offer furnishing packages that are tailored to a property's size and budget.

Pricing & marketing
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Guest management
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Housekeeping & maintenance
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MadeComfy, more than just a rental management company

We are not your regular property management company; we are a performance-focused investment property management specialist


There is more to styling and furnishing short-term rental property than you think and we design experiences based on the guests’ preferences.


First impressions last, and you want to WOW your guests from the moment they walk into your property. We help you give the best guest experience at every touch point.


Exceed guest expectations that go beyond ratings. MadeComfy ensures that your investment property not only receives five-star ratings but also repeat bookings and guest recommendations.

Security and insurance for short-term rentals

There are different rules and regulations on short-term rentals depending on the property type and location. Working with a professional short-term rental management company such as MadeComfy can help you be aligned with regulations while you maximise your rental returns.